Friday, November 1, 2013

A Little Adventurous

Today I got scared because the neighbors
were hammering.
I hid under the bed.
That's right...
the same under-the-bed I was so afraid of yesterday.

But I didn't hide long.
It was too nice out.

After our usual trip to the office,
Mom left the door open so I could enjoy the day.

I didn't wander.

Mostly because the grass was unpleasant.

Eeeww!  My paw feels gross!

The things I put up with to get to a tasty plant.

Eventually I got too adventurous,
so Mom put the tether on me.

However, I didn't feel secure without Mom
standing next to me, so I came in.

Once inside,
I jumped up on top of the fridge.

I think Mom was waiting for me to fall again.

But I showed off my skills.

I'll just see what's up here...

That was close!

I guess it's time for me to get down.

The Teenagers came over.
After watching their show they did something
new and went out to the clubhouse.

They took me with them, but I just wanted to stay home.

Eventually Mom gave in and let me.
I had the whole house to myself,
except the room Daddy was sleeping in.
But that doesn't count because I'm not
allowed in there anyway.

After awhile all the Teenagers left.
Now for a quiet night with Mom!