Monday, November 25, 2013

Alone Again

Today I sat in the window and watched 
as my humans drove away again.

After a few hours, they returned.

Mom took me to get the mail.
She actually hasn't done that in a few days.

When we visited Nice Lady in the office,
I made myself at home.

I hadn't been there in awhile,
so I also explored a bit.

Mom even played with me!

It's always nice when I can attack my leash.
There's just something satisfying about it.

When we got home, I was reluctant to go inside.

Of course I eventually did.

After a bit Nice Boy came over.
And then, of course, they all left.

When they returned after what seemed like an eternity,
I told them how I felt.
I sat in my Box of Rebellion and yelled at them
for a good 5 minutes...maybe less.

Once that was taken care of.
I sat at the table with them.

Well...under it anyway.

I miss the days when Mom would just stay home!