Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Paper Bag

Today Mom wasn't very energetic.

At least she took me on the walk to the mailbox.
On the way home we stopped to see
the Nice Ladies in the office.

Nice Lady 1 actually brought me a present.
It was a paper bag!
Not just any paper bag, but one that
smelled like catnip and other cats!
I had to investigate it.

It was so full of smells!

Inside and out.

Obviously the highlight of my day.

After all, it's the day Mom leaves me.
Sure enough, that guy came and took her away.

When Daddy finally brought her home
all I did was ask her for stuff.
"Watch me eat!"
"Take me on a nighttime walk!"

I forgot she didn't have any energy.
My whining didn't put her in a good mood.

I guess I'll just sit close to her and hope for the best.