Thursday, November 21, 2013

Heavy Sigh

Today when we went to the office
the Maintenance Guys were there making a lot of noise!

I hung out in Nice Lady 2's office with the door closed,
but it was still a bit much.

Seriously, what are they doing?

The Maintenance Guys keep trying to make friends
with me, but there's always noisy things with them.

When we got home, Mom stayed with me for a bit
and did some things around the house.

Then she left again.
When she came back she smelled like that poodle lady's house again.

Daddy was home by then,
so, after dinner she settled down and let me snuggle.

I need this.

However, inexplicably I went off by myself
and slept in the dining room.

I think I just need one real good peaceful day.
Somehow I don't think there's one on the horizon.