Saturday, November 23, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Celebration at Nice Boy's House

Today was a continuation of yesterday.

Sure enough, Mom and I got in the car with Nice Boy.
We actually went to his house!

There were huge windows right at my level!

I found a nice chair in the dining room.

It turns out that Nice Boy's room is in the TARDIS,
so I finally made it inside!

Some of you may know how long I've been trying 
to get into the TARDIS.
This is a major event!

We stayed the night.

I wanted Mom to sleep in the dining room...
I don't understand why she wouldn't.

All the Teenagers were sleeping in the living room,
so obviously I wanted to sleep further away.
I kept telling Mom and telling Mom that this is what
I wanted, but I just got in trouble.
Even Nice Boy sided with Mom.

When morning came, Mom took me outside.
That was pretty awesome!
I saw a woodpecker.

Nice Boy's Mom came outside with us for a bit.

Then it was back inside.
The humans were preparing for a big event.

Of course, I love Doctor Who as much as the next cat,
but there were so many windows!

And smells!

Eventually the humans started to appear.
They just kept coming.
Daddy even showed up!

After awhile there were more humans than I could handle,
so I found I nice spot under a bed.

After the big event all the humans left,
so it was time for us to go home too.
I found the car ride unusually relaxing.

At last we were home!

Now I'd just like to continue where I left off yesterday...

Chillin' on Mom's lap!