Sunday, November 3, 2013

My New Obsession

Today I indulged in my new obsession.

That is...
Leading Mom to the window and acting so
cute she HAS to pet me.

I get so playful!

Oh, yeah! I am loving this!

I have to guard my ticklish spot so
Mom doesn't touch it!

Please don't stop!

Awwww, yeah!

Careful with the tail, Mom!

More! More! Mo...whoops!

Good job Mom!

Since the great outdoors is getting colder,
this awesome window sill is the best!

I often avoid the camera,
but sometimes I actually sit
for a photo shoot.

That's right.
I'm handsome.

After a nice long nap,
I was at it again.

Come on, Mom!

I am soaking this up!