Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Better Day

Today was better.

We visited Nice Lady 2 in the office.
I was terribly cute, but all Mom got was this
one blurry photo.

Gee, thanks Mom.

When we got home, I stayed outside for a bit.

Then I ran around the house.

Mom even played tag with me!
I had so much fun!

Then she went to visit Poodle Lady again.

She got home shortly before Daddy did.

After some more tag,
I settled onto a dining room chair.

After awhile
Mom and Daddy started talking to Computer Aunt,
so I curled up in Mom's lap.

Then they all moved into the living room to watch a show,
so I settled into Mom's lap there.

When they were done, Mom got up
and let me have the good chair all to myself.

I guess Mom did alright by me today.

I'll give her a B+.