Saturday, November 16, 2013

They're Back!

They came back!
Last night they came back!

Mom? is that really you?

She smelled weird, so I got up and left her.

Daddy's bag smelled weird too.
As soon as Daddy turned to greet me I took off!

"Now that you're finally home,
can I go outside?"

I meowed FOREVER!

You had better spoil me after what you did!

OK, so Mom just gave in because she had to get the mail.

So now it's Saturday and Mom took me to get the mail
and visit Nice Lady 1 in the office.

But all I did was whine as I wandered around.
 Mom had it coming.

Let's go, Mom!

Hurry up already!


Can we stay outside?
I don't care if it's cold and windy.

It's not my fault you went to someplace with warm weather
and now you can't handle a little cold!

So she put my tether on and let me sit outside.
As it turns out, I didn't like the weather either.

Auntie had spoiled me while Mom and Daddy were away
so now I expect more!
Not to mention they owe me!

To get Mom to understand, I spent the day
in my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.
I also made her watch me eat.
Auntie was so good at doing that! She even
gave me more food than Mom does.

But eventually I came to realize...
or rather,
admit that I had really missed Mom!

So I climbed into her lap for a good snuggle.
Which is exactly where I am now.