Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Less Than Perfect

Today was less than perfect.
That guy that Mom says is family showed up again.

He had a girl with him.

I was NOT the center of attention!
Despite my best efforts,
Mom paid more attention to this guy:

than to me.

She said I had to accept it because we wouldn't be seeing
them for a long time and they were just passing through.
I don't care if they were just married or whatever!
(And don't think I don't know they're the reason you left me for an entire week!)

After they left we went on our usual errand.
The office was a hub of activity!

I didn't like it!
I saw three different dogs.
A small one, a big black one,
and a toy poodle which came right up to me
as if I wanted to be its friend!

Then, after Mom brought me home,
she went right back out!
Without me!

She even had the nerve to come home smelling
like this lady's house and that toy poodle we just met.

I spent most my day after that on the dining room chairs.
This is my "I'm not pleased with you" face, Mom.

After she was home for a bit,
she left again.
I remembered that this was a day she normally does that.

Sure enough, hours later she came home
smelling like she'd been with the Teenagers.

She and Daddy hadn't been home for long when
Nice Boy showed up!

He paid attention to me!
He even sat next to me and petted me for quite awhile.

Of course, ultimately my day was still lacking.

After Nice Boy went home Mom decided she would
try her best to improve my night.

So she actually invited me to go on a nighttime walk!

I was surprised because it was colder outside than Mom likes!

It turns out that it was cold for me too!

OK!  I'm good!  Let's go inside where it's warm!

Thanks, Mom!

Then we warmed up with some playtime!

I'm still not content, but at least I'm reassured that Mom cares.