Friday, November 8, 2013

Terrible News!

Today was strange.
Mom got up early to watch that guy leave.
On the bright side, she let me sit outside for a bit.

Later I came inside and tried to kill a little beetle,
but it just played dead every time I put my nose to it.

How boring is that?
So I left it.

Eventually we took our usual walk to the mailbox
and stopped off in the office to visit with Nice Lady 2.

I had trouble settling down.

Maybe this sofa...

On second thought...
I'll just use the floor.

"Hello Nice Lady 2"

When I finally got Mom to go home
I took advantage of the sidewalk.

But there were a lot of distractions outside too.

I still made the best of it.

I thought today would be pretty good.
Then I realized what Mom's been telling me all week.
It's happening tomorrow!


What am I going to do without Mom for an ENTIRE week???!!

This is so depressing!

Oh, yeah, the Teenagers came over.
"Hi, Nice Boy. Are you leaving me too?"

He is.
Nice Boy is leaving too. So are all the Teenagers!

And not only Mom, but Daddy too.
What's with all these humans?

Mom reassures me that Auntie and Uncle are
coming to stay with me while she's gone.
I just don't think I'm going to survive.

So to everyone who reads my blog,
apparently it will be gone for a week as well.

I know you'll miss me,
but if I have to survive this week without Mom,
then you have to survive this week without ME!