Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Time Well Spent

Yesterday my visit to the Nice Ladies' office
was less than ideal.
I just wasn't feeling very social.

Once Mom and I returned home, however,
my anti-social feelings began to fade away.
This guy that I usually meet in the Nice Ladies' office
came for a visit on my patio.

I was quite comfortable with the situation,
so I surveyed my domain.
(I'm quite small in this photo.)

It was a wonderfully nice warm day!

Mom and the neighbor guy decided to 
listen to some music on the record player.
Record player?
I had no idea what that was,
but I sure was fascinated by the way it moved.

After awhile our guest left.

So I began to amuse myself by stalking birds.

I hear that a bird in the paw is worth two
in the bush.

If only I had one in the paw to trade.

 After awhile a strange thing happened.
Mom wanted to stay outside...
...and I didn't.
I went indoors, curled up on my favorite spot,
and watched Mom through the window.

So she brought my spot outside with me on board.

I gave in to being outside for a little while.

Then I returned to the indoors.
So Mom put my house back inside
and I resumed my previous position until Daddy came home.
Then, with both Mom and Daddy outside,
I was made to join them.
This time Mom put my house in a different spot
and I chose to be in it instead of on it.

Finally, after the sun went down and took the
warm temperatures with it,
we all went indoors.

Other Aunt came over for the usual Monday visit.
So, while the humans were socializing,
I went to get a nice long drink out of the fish tank.

After the house was quiet once again,
I curled up on Mom's lap for a good nap.

Nothing more to do with my day except
to dream about the good stuff.