Saturday, May 25, 2013

Caturday Outing Extravaganza

Today started off normal,
except Daddy was home!
But they wouldn't let me off my tether:

Then I found out we were going for a ride!

We went over the river:

Then we stopped so Mom and Dad could eat...

I sat between Mom and Dad.

There were birds for me to watch. 

Me and Mom:

We drove to a store and Mom and Daddy 
put me in my travelling bag...

They had good stuff there:

Mom said I already had some at home.

Then we went to the park!

There we lots of birds there. Geese, ducks,
redwing blackbirds..

The geese had babies with them.

Mom saw an otter, she was very happy.
But her camera couldn't zoom in enough.

I loved being at the park.

Then we came home.
Now my favorite aunt is here!
I had a GREAT day!