Friday, May 24, 2013

Productive Day...For a Cat

Today Mom had her hair braided!  
She let me play with it.

It was a bit chilly today,
but the wind didn't bother me!

Instead, I just rolled on the sidewalk and got my head all dirty!

Mom brushed it off!  
I put it there on purpose, Mom!

Then I chewed on the plant. 
Mom said she checked, and it was O.K.

I like it.
She says Keaton used to chew on it too.

Then I wanted to go into the water area.
She wouldn't let me.

Mom and I worked on my YouTube video...

She says she has a lot of work to do before it's ready.
I worked hard on it.

Then the teenagers came over.  
There were some new ones.
I hissed at one because he tried to pick me up 
and he smelled like large reptiles.
It made me nervous.
But he respected my hiss warning.

I just stayed in the other room.

And waited for them to leave.

Really, it was a good day.
I'm going to play with Mom now,
she promised....