Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Just Don't Know What to Make of Today

Today began...

It was sunny...

So WHY is it RAINING?!?!

I got to chew on that plant again...

I love this plant.

I wanted to go into the club house.

Mom?  Mom?  Aren't you going to open the door?

She didn't.

I felt a little insecure today...

So I sat on Mom's knee while she ate lunch.

Mom played Mimzy-on-a-String with me.
Then she went away.
I was ALONE!!!

When she finally came home...
the Tuesday people were with her!

(What's up with that?)

I ran around the house like crazy trying to get them to play.

They didn't.
They just sat at the table.

So I just stared at them,

like this: