Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just One of Those Days

Last night I put Mimzy in my food bowl.

Today, things didn't go very well.
 Mom wasn't feeling well, so she didn't give me the attention I wanted.
But I was nice.  I snuggled next to her.

By "next to" I mean two feet away.

When we went to the mailbox, it was cold and windy. 
 I couldn't wait to get back in the house.

After that my fur felt wrong.  
I had to fix it.

Then there was this BIG dog outside!

I was NOT happy about that!
So I sat in my Box of Rebellion under the table.

Eventually I got to do a Google Hangout with my Computer Aunt.

Then, when Mom was getting my food, she stepped on my paw! YOW!HSSSS! 
Mom felt bad.

Then those humans came over.  I tried to be EXTRA cute!
(Mom didn't get any of it on camera. Why do I bother?)
But, despite my best efforts, the humans didn't pay enough attention to me.

So I went back in my Box of Rebellion.

But eventually I decided to honor one with my presence...

She was happy.
I hope tomorrow goes better.