Saturday, May 18, 2013

Leave Me to Enjoy My Caturday!

Today I feel better.  Mom took me out to get the mail and visit that sweet girl in the office while Daddy ran the evil vacuum.   And then....


I let her know where my limits are.

We went back in the house just in time.  That's right, it started raining again.

I made the best of it.  (Sorry for the blurry images...I was too fast for Mom!)

Then I made a big stinky in my box right before
 a bunch of humans came over to watch the season finale of Doctor Who!  I claimed the best seat for myself!

It's been a very social week around here.  I need a break.
Mom and Dad are going out in the car to do whatever humans do.
I get the house to myself!  YES!
Maybe I'll watch my TV show...The Fish Tank!