Friday, May 17, 2013

My Rump is Still Sore

 I was feeling better today.  My rump is still sore from the Vet, though.   I got to enjoy being outside for a bit.

When I was ready, I went inside.

After Mom and I got the mail, we went and hung out in the clubhouse.

What do humans do in there?

Mom brought Mimzy with us. We had fun playing!  What's that silly rabbit doing in this box?

Eyes on Mimzy!  Can't trust that rabbit!  She moves quick!

We went in the office too.  That sweet girl was there.  I see her foot on the other side of the sofa!

At night, those teenagers came.  I'm never sure how I feel about them. They act nice to me, but they're loud.  The one nice boy picked me up, but Mom forgot to tell him that my rump still hurt!  HISSSSSSSS!   She forgot to tell Aunt Dani too!  Ouch!  MA!  You need to remember to TELL people!

They had chicken and a bunch of other food.  I got none of it!

They said it was because one of the teenagers was moving away.  They said they were sad, but acted happy.  I don't understand humans.

Finally most everyone left, except Auntie and Uncle.  I'm done for the day!

When does Daddy get home?