Monday, May 20, 2013

Lazy Day

It's a nice, uneventful day.
Which probably means a boring blog entry....

I started off most my day on the bench in the dining room.

Eventually Mom came and put the harness on me so we could go outside.

I still didn't want to move.

I was a good boy and didn't leave the patio.

Mom shared some of the fish she had for lunch.  So that was good.
But one bite was enough human cooked food for me.
She offered me a second bite...

I ignored it.

Eventually she put the leash on me and we started for the mailbox.
I stopped for a good roll on the sidewalk.

It was extra good today because there were some fresh grass cuttings on the ground!

We went into the office where the nice lady was.  
I played for a bit.  Mom says she'll put that on my YouTubes.
I think I'll just sleep the rest the day....maybe play more later if I can't talk Mom into it.