Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day of the Window

Today I sat in the window...

Then I sat in the chair and talked to 
my friend Steenkey the Cat...

Then I sat on the back of the couch.
At that time Mom put the harness on me
so we could go get the mail.

I refused to budge.

I thought about going outside,
but it just didn't fit my standards today.

So I viewed it from indoors.

We went to the office. 
I freaked out.
It was windy today...there was a smell...
I don't know I just freaked out.
So Mom brought me back home.

She started cleaning my well placed 
nose smudges off the window!  (The nerve!)
I did my best to get in her way...

When she was done,
I sat in the window.
You expected something else?

I played with Mimzy.
(She's still wearing her movie make-up)
(I guess "Evil Mimzy" is a boy because of the mustache)

When I was done I put Mimzy in my food bowl.

Because that's where she/he goes.