Monday, May 27, 2013

Cure For Holiday Weekend Blues

It happened again...
I ran outside only to find out it was raining!
It ruined my life!

I was SO depressed!

Mom and Dad took pity on me.
They decided I needed to do something
to get my mind off the rain.

Mom put my car harness on...
But I was still depressed.
I didn't want to do ANYTHING!

Then we went to the pet store!

I looked at the fish...

And the birds...

I found a shelf to lie on.

Then I climbed a cat tree and hid inside.

Mom let me choose some food to buy while I was in there.

Then we went to a market.
Mom and I waited in the car while Daddy went inside.

We didn't go home...
Instead we went to my favorite Aunt's house.
I was unsure at first...
and tucked myself under the computer desk
on the chair.

But it wasn't long before I realized 
everything was O.K.

I made myself at home.

I found out I like stairs...

Aren't I cute?
(of course I am)

My favorite Aunt played  chase-the-string with me 
on the stairs.
(She didn't run up and down, but I did)

Then Daddy played with the string 
for a little bit before we went home.

I guess today turned out good after all!
Now I'm going back to sleeping on Mom's hoodie on the chair.
(Ain't I a stinker?)