Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's Up With Mom Today?

Mom started acting weird today.
When we went to the mailbox she walked faster than usual.
We didn't even stay long in the office, even though that sweet girl was there.

I could just stare as she changed clothes and quickly left me.

When she came back after what seemed like for-e-ver...

She was all wet and smelled like chlorine.

After that things seemed normal.
I wanted to go outside, but not without Mom.
Finally she went outside and put me on the tether!

Then the dog upstair barked at me!
And I ran back inside!

That didn't go well.

Mom played with me after that so I could work out my emotions.

Then Mom left me again...
Came back.
And left me again!  
I can't wait until she returns.

What's up with Mom today?