Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last Snow of the Year

Yesterday was a snow day.
So, the Snow Monster came,
but I didn't hide.
That's right.
I stayed in bed and showed no fear of the 
dreaded machine that haunted me
all through last winter.

When I got up, I went into the dining room and 
settled onto a chair under the table.

From there I could get a good look at
the world gone white.

Eventually I heard Mom getting ready
to go on the usual rounds.
So I moved to my Alternate Box of Rebellion.

Fortunately, Mom showed no sign of taking me with her.

Yes! Snow day!

As it turns out, Nice Lady 1 was hoping I'd come
visit her.
She had even brought me a present.

Fortunately, Mom brought it home for me.

Bonito flakes.
Apparently Nice Lady's kitties love it.

I like it too.

Now, understand, I have a scale on which I rate food.
It goes something like this:

1. Smells bad.
2. Smells alright, but not to eat.
3. Smells good/ taste it.
4. Take a bite.
5. Eat a few bites.
6. Eat a few bites now, finish it later.
7. Complete consumption.

So, on my scale of 1-7, I give bonito flakes a 5.

My daily food, tuna, and sometimes a wet food 
get a 6.

Only the water from tuna has so far received a full 7 on my scale.

Well the rest of my day was spent sleeping...
...on Mom's lap if I could.

Other Aunt and Uncle came over.
(I guess they're back to Mondays)

I stayed in sleep mode.

When Mom's lap wasn't available AND she 
took the blanket away, I moved to a dining chair.

Thus ending my day pretty much where it began.