Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bugs, Birds, and Boxes

Yesterday I got out of bed and went straight here:

So, if the box on the right is the Ultimate Box of Rebellion,
what's the box on the left?

The Alternate Box of Rebellion?


Anyway, since I was up there,
Mom went on the usual rounds without me.

When she finally returned home, I
was waiting for her...

waiting for her to let me outside, that is.

I enjoyed my patio time,

until Mom got mad at me for enjoying the 
neighbor's patio too.

I spent hours after that sulking and begging
to be let back outside.

Finally something distracted me.
A little bump on top of a picture frame.

I recognized it from the night before.
I called Mom over so she could help me get a closer look.

I touched the lady bug, but that was about it.
I learned that, unless they're flying around the light,
ladybugs are boring.

Mom was more interested in showing me what was
on the door right near the ladybug.

It was a spider.
Certainly more exciting than the ladybug.
I knocked it down onto the floor and
began my assault.

It started off alright.

It turned out to be quite a vicious beast.
Mom finished it off, but only after
I had rendered it immobile.

Mom said it was faking and had begun to 
move again.
Sure, Mom.  Sure.

After thoroughly investigating the bugs,
I returned to my post by the backdoor.

Much to my surprise, there was something out there!

I couldn't believe it!

At night even!
On MY patio!

I wanted to pounce on it so badly,
but if Mom opened the door to let me out,
surely it would fly off.

Eventually it moved to the grass,

before flying away.

After that Mom FINALLY took me outside!

I must say, my nighttime recons are getting shorter.
It's that darn chill in the air.

So I had to attempt to amuse myself indoors once again.

It wasn't long, however, before I returned
to pining for the outdoors;

Hoping beyond hope that the bird would return.