Saturday, August 16, 2014

Overcoming Insecurity

Thursday I was insecure and reserved.

Friday I was still feeling insecure.
I hid under the bed while Mom went to visit Nice Lady 2.

When she finally came home I got up my nerve to go
out on the patio.

If Mom went inside, however, I followed her.

She brought a scrap of my carpet out.
That was nice.

Then I went around the corner from the patio and 
sat on the air conditioning box under the window.

This way, when Mom went inside I didn't have to follow her.
I could see what she was doing from outside and she could see me.

I stayed there for a long time.
When Mom sat on the patio,
she could see me in the reflection on the clubhouse door.

When nighttime came so did everyone else.
First Daddy came in the front door.
Then Sarcastic Monday came in the back door.
(Everyone uses our back door.)

After the humans talked for a bit, 
Mom and Sarcastic Monday left.

When Mom returned she smelled like the River Trail.

Then she went out to the pool area, came back in and made a phone call.

She and I sat on the patio for awhile until Maintenance Guy 2 showed up.
I never see him at night.

Apparently the swimming pool was overflowing.
That's the last thing I want;
more water close to my house!

I guess they got it all straightened out because Maintenance Guy 2 left 
and Mom went back inside.
She left me on my tether until the air began to smell of skunk.
I came into the house and Mom was quick to take the harness off me and 
close the door and windows.

With my nighttime activities restricted to indoors,
I began to romp.

First I attacked that weird spring thingy that sticks out of the wall.

Then I ran all over the house.

I was too fast for Mom and the camera!

She kept trying, but I was like a flash of lightning!

Did you see that?

Let's look at it again...
in slow motion:

Just call me Barry Allen.

See ya!