Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 31: A Little Personal Space Please!

Today I was sleeping...
(are you ready for this?)

In the bed Mom made for me!

When we went outside
I was a good boy and waited for Mom to put the leash on:

Then she let me roll around on the sidewalk.

I tried to sneak up on some birds...

But Mom totally cramped my style!

So they got away.

I spent a lot of time outside today.

It was nice at first.

But there was this BIG dog 
that kept walking back and forth
in front of 
MY home!

And a strange cat went by.
I was good and stayed on my patio.

I think he was friends with that dog.

And there was a strange man
walking back and forth all day!

As if the dog and cat weren't enough,

I had to keep and eye on him too!

Then the teenagers came over.

My territory was feeling pretty surrounded today!