Saturday, November 8, 2014


Yesterday, thank goodness,
 I didn't sleep through the usual rounds.

Mom and I visited Nice Lady 2.
At first, Mom kept me on the leash.

So I stood up in my chair to look through
the window at the main lobby.

Then she closed the door so I couldn't
get to the forbidden plant.
(An angel wing begonia for inquiring minds.)

So I got to go off leash.

Obviously, there wasn't much change
in my behavior.

When we returned home, I got to spend
a good amount of time outside on the patio.

Then, Mom went crazy.
She started making a mess.
Then she moved things.
Then she cleaned up the mess.

I was completely convinced she had gone mad.

Then I saw what she  had done.
She moved my Box Hotel to the other side of the couch.
The side next to the window!

I approved.

She continued to busy herself for quite sometime.
Then, as I was enjoying my new window seat,
Mom sat down to rest.
Well, despite my lovely new spot, I couldn't 
resist a warm lap.

Then Facetious Friday came over.
So she and Mom moved to the kitchen to chat
and eat dinner.

Well, the recliner wasn't half as comfortable without
Mom in it!

I tried to make the best of it.

After awhile I became satisfied that Mom
was aware of my discomfort.
(One must make sure humans notice things like that.)

So, I went back to play in my Box Hotel.

Then I settled in and stared at Mom for a long time.

She picked up on my thoughts pretty well for a human
and began to play with me.

I had a great time with my string-on-a-stick.

Eventually I caught it and dragged it down 
the hallway to my room.

After Facetious Friday went home,
Mom and Daddy left too.
They said they were going to a store I couldn't go in.


Fortunately, when they returned,
I got my nighttime recon.

Once again, my outing was a bit short.
It was about 36°F / 2°C outside.

I really am reluctant to say goodbye to the warmer weather.
I think I'm still in denial.

You see, I'm a tough kitty.
I was a stray before that shelter found me one April.
Then it was 3 weeks before Mom and Daddy came
and took me to my forever home.
At that time I was 1 1/2 years old.
So I spent some cold winter months on the streets.
And let me tell gets cold here in the high desert.

It might be awhile before I stop 
begging Mom to take me for these nighttime outings
in cold weather.

I did, however, finally admit that it was cold.

Fortunately it was nice and warm snuggled up against
Mom on the couch.