Thursday, March 12, 2015

Teenager Training

Yesterday I went on the usual rounds with Mom.
Except...the Nice Ladies weren't there.
So, instead of going into their office lobby,
we went into the clubhouse lounge.

I enjoyed my brief time in there.

On the way out, however, I had to look at the 
door to the Nice Ladies' office to make sure
they weren't there.

Afterwards enjoyed a little patio time.
My rolling spot on the sidewalk was
no where near recovering from being hosed down.
In fact, it was worse due to rain.

Eventually Tornado Girl came for her weekly visit.

Fortunately it didn't interfere with my patio time.

I considered accepting Tornado Girl's various
peace offerings...
a nice piece of tasty plant, some tuna water...
but ultimately I entertained myself with a few
runs through my tunnel.
When I knocked over my box hotel,
it was Tornado Girl that set it right for me.
I think I'm training her well enough.
Teenagers take longer to train, but they're
eager to please.

By the time Daddy came to take Mom and 
Tornado Girl away per usual Wednesday,
I had climbed into my Alternate Box of Rebellion.

I don't like the fact that Mom leaves me every Wednesday.
So that's my way of coping.

When Daddy brought her home, I was over-joyed.

All that was left to do with my day was curl up
on the couch next to Mom and call it good.