Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April Showers

Yesterday Mom and I made the usual rounds.
On the way from the mailbox to the Nice Ladies' office,
I got startled by a car driving by.

Normally I wouldn't have reacted so strongly,
except that something else already had me a little on edge.

You see, this wasn't the beautiful spring weather we had
the day before.
I took a moment to survey the situation from
the shelter of the patio.

The wind brought the clouds in.

From there it only got worse.
The clouds brought in the thunder and lightning.

Of course, next came the rain.

I abandoned my patio for the only reasonable place.
I went so far under the bed that Mom couldn't
even get a picture of me.

Eventually I heard the wind die down and the rain stop.
That's when I got up the courage to venture
out into the hallway and observe the outdoors
from a safe distance.

The skies began to look more agreeable.

So, after much coaxing from Mom,
I went as far as the door mat.

After smelling the air,
I decided to remain sensible
and returned to the indoors.

I spent the rest of the day enjoying the
outdoors from the safety of my box hotel.
From the top I could look out the window 
and enjoy the beautiful sunset without worrying about
any wind, rain, or thunder.

Once that faded, of course, I did what any 
cat in his right mind would do.

I curled up and took a nice long nap.