Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chilly Days

Friday was disappointingly cold.

As a result, I spent much of the day indoors.
I was unhappy with the water in my bowl and 
sought out a more...appealing flavor.

I also found ways to expel some of my restless energy.

Saturday was a bit warmer.
At least, the south window sill was warm.

Unfortunately I didn't get to stay in the window.

That's right, we went on a Caturday outing.
I was less than pleased.

Sure, it meant a new bag of food,
but did I have to go pick it out?

Well, after awhile I decided it was nice to
be out in the world.

By nightfall I decided the chill didn't matter.
I NEEDED a nighttime recon.
I got it.

There was quite a bit of human activity out there,
so I took up a post at my north window.

Well, it wasn't ideal, but it would have to do.

I hope the warmer spring weather returns soon.
Let's face it...I've got plans.