Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Snow, Monday Rain

Easter Sunday Mom and Daddy let me join them at
the table.  They do this because they know I have
no interest in human food.

I had already prepared my Easter dinner earlier that day.

So, while they ate their dinner, I kept to myself.

I not only had a good view of the table,
but also a good view out the window.
Unfortunately, the view out the window was snow.

So I curled up to take a nice warm nap.

The next day Mom opened the new bag of cat food.
It had a bonus kibble in it.
I mean...look at the size of that thing!

I had no idea how to eat it, so I left it alone.

Later in afternoon, I resumed my quest for the mouse.

I didn't even care that it had begun to rain.
I just huddled under the overhang and kept alert.

That night, when the Monday People came to visit,
I tried to convince someone...ANYone, to let me outside.

No one seemed to care.
Sure, they looked at me; talked to me and about me,
but failed to give me anything I cared about.

Even after they'd gone, I tried to convince Mom
that I needed a nighttime recon.

She didn't take me.

Instead, all I got was my claws trimmed.
My claws!