Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunny Caturday Afternoon

Friday night, Mom brought Mimzy into the bedroom,
as usual, before getting ready for bed.
I couldn't let Mom think she had me all figured out.
So, while she was in the bathroom, I took Mimzy
back down the hall to the kitchen.

I made sure to change things up a little more by
putting Yoda-Mouse in my food bowl instead of Mimzy.

Caturday morning was nice.
I started my day with a good sunning in the window.

I was content to sit there all day.

Mom and Daddy, however, decided I needed to
go on the usual Caturday outing.

I wasn't very enthused about it, but I wasn't upset either.

Of course, all that changed when we got to my favorite part...

...the arrival home!

Much to my surprise, the humans agreed to some good 
patio time.

Mom even put one of the chairs out on the lawn in the sunshine.

I was very happy about this particular development.

Then I saw someone coming and ran inside.
I realized it was just Uncle, so I came back out.

I promptly returned to the chair.

Then I caught sight of some birds.
I could hear Mom telling me, 'no', but I
just couldn't stop myself from running after them.

Mom had to chase after me.
She scolded me and told me to get back to the patio.

I tried the 'roll-on-the-sidewalk-and-look-cute' act,
but she wasn't buying it.

Hey, a cat's gotta try, Mom!
After all, what's the use of being incredibly cute
if you can't use it to your advantage?