Friday, April 10, 2015

Enjoying What I Can

Yesterday was warmer than it has been.
So I was really hoping for some nice patio time with Mom.

Mom seemed to have the same idea,
because she put my collar on.
Then it all fell apart.

The lawn monster showed up.

There were three different lawn monsters.
One kept to the grass, one came right up to the patio,
and one came right up onto the patio.
It was terrible.
There was only one place for me to go.

That's right, I waited things out underneath the bed.

Then, finally, Mom gave the 'all clear'.
That's when I went to look for the mouse.
I was, however, still a bit stressed from the monster invasion.

Occasionally I readjusted my position.

There didn't seem to be much activity,
so I moved on to a nice roll on the sidewalk.

I thought about going back to the patio,
then Mom reminded me about the tasty plant.

Aww yeah!
That's the stuff.

Just chewing away the stress.