Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chilly Disposition

The past couple of days I was restless.

On Monday, 
I tried to explain to Mom that I needed some outside time.

She let me enjoy a bit of time on the patio.

The ground was a bit cold on my paws,
so I chose to sit up on the chair.

Other than the chill, it was nice out.

While the Monday people visited,
I found a comfy blanket on the back
of the recliner.

I waited there until Mom was done visiting.

Then she took me for a brief nighttime recon.

She didn't want to walk outside in the
cold for very long, so my recon turned
into patio time.

I realized that I didn't want to stay out
in the chill either.

So I went inside and took advantage 
of a nice warm lap.

On Tuesday I decided that the outdoors
was best viewed from the warmth of 
the window sill.

I wasn't feeling very social when Mom and I 
went to visit the Nice Ladies.

Just when I was ready to go home,
(which was about 30 seconds after we arrived),
Poodle Lady showed up.

Well, that was most definitely the end of 
any desire to be social I may have had left.

I wasn't about to come out from underneath my chair.
When Mom FINALLY decided to go home,
she had to carry me.

The air was too chilly, the wind was too nippy,
and nothing was going my way.

There was only one thing left to do with
the rest of my day.

Take out some frustrations on the post.

Go someplace private to mentally prepare.

And finally:
Seek out my own forms of entertainment.

The tunnel would be my happy place.

That, combined with a good catnip toy,

proved to be a good end to an otherwise miserable day.