Friday, April 3, 2015

This Again?

Wednesday was still cold.
That didn't stop me from checking on the 
mouse's habitat.

I'm starting think it doesn't spend much time there.
Fortunately, the tasty plant is slowly turning green.
So I started munching on it.

Nice Lady 1 came to see me as she left work.
I was too engrossed in the tasty plant to pay her much attention.

Then, I realized she was walking away and felt a little
guilty for ignoring her and looked back.
Of course, I didn't stop munching on the plant.

Mom complained about the chill in the air
and called me into the house.
I took one last look to see if the mouse would
make an appearance.

It didn't.

Thursday I visited Nice Lady 2.
Although, I didn't really feel like hanging out 
in the office.

I sat impatiently by the door.

Finally I was allowed to go outside and check for 
the mouse again.

Wednesday just seemed to be repeating.
No mouse.
Tasty plant.

Hey, maybe it was Wednesday again.
Maybe I'm stuck in that movie,
Groundhog Day.

Oh, but the Nice Ladies changed.
So maybe not.

When it got dark, I asked for a nighttime recon.
Hey, I did that on Wednesday too...hmm.
Well, I hoped it wouldn't have the same result.
You see, on Wednesday Mom refused to take me
for a recon.

The good news is, the night didn't
repeat itself.

That's right, I got to go on a brief nighttime recon!