Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring Flowers

Yesterday when we went to visit the Nice Ladies' office,
I went under my chair and meowed at people.

Then I waited by the door to go home.

When I finally got to enjoy my patio time,
I went to investigate the growth of the tasty plant.

After observing no significant change in the plant,
I sought out a nice spot on the sidewalk for a good roll.

Then I longingly watched the birds.

Since Mom wouldn't let me run after the birds,
I went to investigate another new addition to my territory.

It seems that they added some nice plants.

So naturally I had to stop and smell the flowers.

They're not the sort of plants I would eat,
but I must say that they are a nice addition.

Unfortunately, it began to rain,
so I retreated to the shelter of my patio.

Mom was kind enough to bring out my
hide-away so I could keep my paws off
of the cold concrete while simultaneously 
sitting near her.

It was very thoughtful of her.

She even let me stay outside long enough to watch 
the sunset after it stopped raining.

Eventually Mom and I opted for the warmth of
the indoors.
We sat at the table and did stuff on the computer 
for quite some time.

After awhile I took a water break.

Mom didn't seem to mind too much,
she just told me to be careful not to get bit
by the fish.

Eventually boredom set in and I began pining
for the outdoors again.

Mom tried to get me interested in play,

but I didn't want to be filmed.
So I retreated to my hiding spot in the living room.

I was, however, still bored.
So I took the risk of being filmed and played.

I managed to entertain myself...

...until I realized that the camera was indeed filming me.

That's when I resumed pouting.

Doesn't Mom realized how long it's been since
I got to go on a nighttime recon?


I want to thank all the people who faithfully read my blog
and take the time to share it with others.
You don't know how much it means to me.