Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rumor is... the Fish Bites

Yesterday I chose not to go on the usual 
rounds with Mom. 

When she came back, I spent some time out
 on the patio looking for the mouse, 
but eventually I got chilly
and opted for the warmer window.

After a few dashes around the house, I curled up
 next to Mom for a warm nap.

Of course, sleeping made me thirsty,
so I wandered over to my favorite watering hole.

Now, I want you to notice how the fish 
swims right up to my tongue.
You'd think I'd be happy about that.
A little taste of actual fish.
The truth is, Mom tells me the fish
is trained to bite.
One of these days my tongue is going to get nipped.
Worth it?'s good water.

The rest of my day was spent sleeping.
Too bad it couldn't end...

...with a nighttime recon.