Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fickle Spring Days

The past couple of days were drastically different.
Monday was warm and wonderful.
I spent a lot of time outside hoping the mouse
would make a mistake.

The Monday People came over and celebrated Daddy's
birthday...even though he came home really late.
Other Aunt hung streamers up in the living room.
Having never seen streamers before, I didn't trust them.

The next day was cold.
Cold, windy...and it hailed.

Still, I made the most of it and spent a little 
time outside.

Despite the chill, it was still a beautiful day to look at.

I enjoyed my perch on the air conditioning box
under the window until Uncle arrived.

That's when he took Mom away and I was left alone.

So I turned to my usual security devices.
I put Mimzy in my food bowl...

...and Yoda Mouse in my tunnel.

When Mom came home, she tried to convince me 
that the streamers were for playing with.

I had my doubts.

When Daddy came home, I curled up on his lap
for a good nap.
Unfortunately he had to get up, so I took the chair
in his absence.

When he came back, I was unwilling to share and
hissed at him.
Well, that didn't get me what I wanted.
Daddy took the chair all for himself.
I ended up on the couch next to Mom.

The blanket was all bunched up and a bit uncomfortable,
but I was determined to make it work.

I was still agitated on the inside.
I even took it out on my own tail.

Fortunately, Mom did a good job at calming me down.

After shedding my bad mood, I agreed to Daddy's
terms of sharing the chair...

...and returned to him.