Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Grass, Birds, and Sunshine

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful.
After the usual rounds, Mom let me enjoy 
some time outside.

The plant next to the patio was fully green
and really tasty.

After chomping on a bit of it, I decided to try
my luck with my favorite tasty plant.
It proved to be less than fully green, so
finding the best bits proved to be more effort
than I was willing to put in.

That's when I decided to turn my hunt 
from vegetarian to carnivorous.

I tried to keep low.

The nearest birds, unfortunately, kept to high places.

So I turned to the birds that were lower down
and further away.

Slowly I crept...

...step by step.

I was extra careful not to give away my position.
There was the small problem of an entire iron fence
blocking my attack.

Since I was unable to get any closer or pounce,
the far away birds took their time getting to 
a higher perch.

 I waited patiently for things to go my way.

That, of course, never happened.

Fortunately, Mom found a way to cheer me up.
She brought my toys outside!

I set right to work practicing my pounce.

Also, Mom helped me practice leaping at feathered things.

I had a great time.

With Mom's help I was able to feel
better about my hunting skills.

After the Monday people started to arrive,
we all went indoors.

I, however, wanted to stay outside much longer.

Of course, the humans were too busy socializing 
to spend time with me.

Eventually I curled up on a chair and reflected
on the great day I had had.

Mom did take a minute to bring me Mimzy.
So I told Mimz all about my day.

I may not be able to catch birds and eat them,
but I can catch Mimzy and put her in my food bowl.

Yeah, maybe that's what I'll do next.