Monday, March 30, 2015

Springtime in My Spirit

Saturday I was so bored I can't even talk about it.

Sunday was a bit better.
Daddy let me go outside and enjoy the nice weather.

I caught sight of a bird and decided to stalk it.

I didn't get very far when Daddy called me back.

So I returned to the patio and contemplated 
a different plan of attack.

Of course that resulted in me stalking the mouse.

Evening brought company;
Auntie, Uncle, and Nice Boy's Mom and Sister.

I was left to entertain myself.
Fortunately, Mom put my tunnel in the middle of 
the living room.

I had a blast.

Later I sat in Mom's lap and played with the camera strap.

Then I went back to playing in my tunnel.

After tiring myself out, I curled up next to Daddy on the couch...

...and dreamt of the next day of sunshine.