Sunday, April 6, 2014

Miffed at Mom


Yesterday I chose to spend most of my time
on the chair under Mom's desk.
(Auntie calls it my 'Unhappy Place')
I'm still feeling a bit mad at Mom for leaving me last week.

Mom didn't take me with her to get the mail.
She checked on me from time to time,
but I remained in my Unhappy Place all day.

I finally came out when Daddy came home.

I went into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion,
but refused to stay long enough for Mom to take a picture.

Although, her attempts to photograph me blocked
my escape from the top of the fridge.
So she managed to get one good shot.

Mom and Daddy left for awhile.
When they returned I was sitting on the back
of the recliner.
I watched as Mom and Daddy entered the house.

Then Auntie and Uncle came in behind them!
I greeted them most joyously!

The humans sat around and played games.
So I got some wiggles in me.

I got Mom to chase me to the back window.

After Auntie and Uncle left,
I thought I saw something move outside.
I had seen White Kitty out there earlier,
so I thought perhaps he was there again.

But no, it was just the wind.

Once again it was just me and Mom.
So I curled up on the couch.

I decided to finally give Mom a bit of attention
by snuggling next to her.

Then again...

...I'm still mad at her.

So she can have my butt end.