Tuesday, April 1, 2014

They Came Home!


Late Sunday night Mom and Daddy came home!

I was so happy!

When I woke up yesterday morning I thought
maybe I had dreamt it.
But Mom was really home!

I soaked up all the loving she was willing to give.

Then it was back to our old routine.

When we got to the office,
I clung to Mom.

I didn't care if it made it difficult for her
to talk to the Nice Ladies.

When we returned home,
Mom let me enjoy the outdoors for a bit.

While she was on the phone,
I got restless and began to climb on things.

After Daddy came home from work,
Monday Aunt showed up.
Then we all went out.

We went to the pet store.
I tried out one of the cat trees.

Monday Aunt wished she could adopt a kitty.

There were a few there hoping for homes.

I just growled and hissed at them.

Mom tried to explain that it wasn't nice to growl
and hiss at the poor kitties.

Mom just doesn't understand my point of view.

The pet store only had my food in the enormous size,
so we didn't get any.
Mom says she'll get me some at a different store.

Then we went to a human store,
so I got into my Traveling Bag.

I was pretty content in there.

Once we walked outside,
I stuck my head out into the night air.

I do love nighttime car rides!

When we got home, 
all the Monday people came over.

Soon, most of the humans dozed off in their chairs.
I searched for an available lap.

None of the humans were sitting right,
so I chose the most comfortable one I could
and settled onto Monday Uncle.

He was sound asleep.

When he woke up,
he was happy I had chosen him.

He offered the appropriate amount of gratitude.

Once everyone went home,
I curled up next to Mom.

Mom says they're not going to go anywhere
for a long time.
She had better be telling the truth!