Saturday, April 12, 2014

Regaining Some Courage


Yesterday was a continuation of the beautiful spring
weather we've been having.
On the way from the mailbox to the office,
I became irresistibly drawn to some scents on a parked car.

Mom finally pulled me away and we visited Nice Lady 2
in the office.

At first I was nervous again and waited by the door to go home.

Then I became more nervous and hid under the sofa.

Eventually, however, I began to realize how quiet it was in there,
so I came out and wandered around.

I was behaving like my old self again!
Completely relaxed and curious.

Until some strange man came in.
I lost all my courage and went back under the sofa 
until Mom said it was time to leave.

She let me enjoy some great outside time!

Once evening came around,
Mom and Daddy resumed their video game
playing from yesterday.

So I took up my post by the door
watching for that outdoor kitty.

Then, since none of the humans were
using the good chair, I decided to take it.

I took a good nap there before returning
to my post at the door.