Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Warm Day, Happy Cat


Yesterday, as soon as Mom got up and dressed,
I retreated to my Unhappy Place under the desk.

I was certain she was going to make me go someplace
I didn't want to go.

Again, however, she went on the usual mail run

When she returned home, she coaxed me outside.
And what a beautiful day outside it was!

It was so warm!
The occasional gust of wind was pleasant and
had so many springtime smells on it!

I stayed out there as long as Mom would allow.
Which, as it turns out was quite a long time!

I even got in a great roll on the sidewalk.

It was so nice, I got to stay out until
the shadows got pretty long.

Even after we went inside, Mom spent
a decent amount of time playing with me.

When evening came, so did the Monday People.
Mom, Daddy, Monday Aunt and Uncle and Sarcastic Monday.
Everyone was there!

I got a bit rambunctious and ran all over the house,
meowing my enthusiasm.

After all the Monday People went home,
Mom found me here:

In the dark dining room, looking out the
window from the forbidden vantage point.

On top of the dining table!

I guess after such a great day I thought I could get
away with pushing my boundaries.

Just between you and me,
I got away with it longer than Mom will ever know!