Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Warm Spring Day!


Yesterday started off about the same as the day before.
When Mom got me to go outside I found that it was even warmer!

She once again went to get the mail without me.
Except, when she came back, she took me for a walk!

Then she tried to get me to follow her into
the office to visit the Nice Ladies.

I respectfully declined.

I went as far as the sidewalk and got in a good roll.

Eventually Mom made me go into the office anyway.

That small human was in there.

As it turns out, I began to relax and wander around.

Ultimately, however, I asked Mom to kindly take me home.

Afterwards, I got to enjoy quite a lot of time outside.

When Daddy came home I started to play indoors.

Then, after spending time hanging out with Computer Aunt,
Mom joined me!

There was so much fun string to play with!

I have to admit, it did get the best of me
for a bit.

What I really wanted was to go back outside
and have a good nighttime walk.

I had to settle for playing with string.

Now, if I could just get into this box, I know I'll
have tons of space to run around and explore!