Monday, April 14, 2014



Yesterday I once again hid under the sofa in the office
while Mom visited with Nice Lady 2.

When I got out onto the sidewalk on the way home,
I had a great roll!

At home, Mom got right to work completely
 rearranging my bedroom!

Monday Aunt showed up, then Daddy.
Next thing I knew Daddy was rearranging the 
forbidden bedroom.

When the humans finally calmed down,
I found that my room had gained the bed that had 
always been in the forbidden room before.

Now, at last, the forbidden bed is mine!

They put some weird new bed in the forbidden room.

The rest of the Monday people came over and all was normal.

I took up my post at the door, hoping for that
ever elusive nighttime walk.

Ultimately, I approve of all the change that 
the humans subjected me to today.