Thursday, April 10, 2014

Loving Springtime


Yesterday I had a great view from my window
when I first woke up!


When I got up Mom let me outside 
for a brief moment without my harness!

Then she took me into the office.
I was cool at first and wandered around nonchalantly.

It was quiet in there. No Nice Ladies.
Just Mom.

So I'm not sure why I freaked out
 and hid under the sofa again.

It wasn't long before Mom was at the door home 
calling for me to follow.
So I don't know why I hesitated so long.

This is the short video:

After she took me home,
she put my harness on me and took me for a nice
little walk to that tasty plant.

Oh! How I've missed the Tasty Plant all winter!

I really enjoyed my time outside.

Before I knew it, however, it was time for
Mom to leave.
Wednesday Guy didn't come get her, though.
Instead, Daddy came home and took her away.

He came back!
So, unlike most Wednesdays, Daddy
was home with me the entire time Mom was gone.

When it came time to go get her,
Daddy tried to put my car harness on and take me with him.

I respectfully declined.
So he left me.

When they came back home I had all kinds of wiggles,
but Mom was too busy making dinner to pay attention to me.

Eventually she settled into the recliner, 
so I joined sitting behind her head on the back
of the chair and whacking her with my tail.

I finally curled up on her lap,
only to have her leave.

Which really means I got the whole chair to myself.