Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Great Outdoors


Yesterday Mom and Daddy took me to the park.
It's been months since they did that last,
so I was very upset about the whole idea.

I just wanted to curl up and hide.

I insisted on the comfort of Mom's arms.

Slowly, however, I began to remember.

I wasn't fully relaxed, but I used to love it here.

I hugged every fence and every wall.

Then we went down on the little pier.

This place brought more good memories,

but I was still uneasy.

The water level was really low!
So we could see all sorts of footprints in the mud,
and little birds were hopping around out there.

Oh, the smells!
Water, fish, birds, otter, beaver, muskrat!
Too many to count!

By the time it was time to go I was more confident.

When we got into the car,
I took Daddy's seat.

For some reason, Mom and Daddy weren't
about to let me drive.

So I rode in my usual seat on the way home.

Once we were home,
Mom let me enjoy more time outside
on familiar ground!

The kids in the neighborhood were playing
with some little car that made noise.

I had to stand up tall to get a better look at the strange thing.

Eventually I was done being outside,
and relaxed with my view through the window.

When it got dark, of course, I was begging for more!