Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stupid Weather


Yesterday I sat up and glanced outside.


Stupid weather.

Mom and I got ready for our usual trip to the mailbox.
Because of the stupid snow, Mom put me in my Traveling Bag.

No wet ground for me!

We visited Nice Lady in the office.

"Hello, Nice Lady!"
I was pretty chill for once.

Nice Lady tossed something on the ground
for me to play with.

I looked at it, but chose to ignore it after that.

Then a bunch of strangers came in.
They all seemed to like me.
I guess I'm pretty darn cute.

When Mom and I went home,
I spent most of the day on my chair.

Have I mentioned the stupid weather?

I got up to look around once in awhile.

I enjoyed a bit of time on Mom's lap,
but eventually returned to my chair.

All I can say is...
This stupid weather had better not last.