Wednesday, April 16, 2014

So Bored I Should've Slept All Day


Yesterday was normal.
Too normal.
With the exception that I woke up on my new comfy bed.

I didn't want to leave it, but Mom
got the best of me as usual and we went to get the mail.

I hid under the sofa in the office again.
Then a strange thing happened.
Not strange enough to make my day interesting or anything,
but Uncle came into the office.

Of course, this didn't do anything to improve my 
sense of insecurity.

It wasn't long after he showed up that I got to go home,
but Uncle didn't stay.

When Daddy got home, he continued moving things
about in the forbidden room.
Eventually Auntie and Uncle both came over.

I curled up next to Auntie on the couch for a bit,
but I mostly ignored the humans.

Until at last, I settled down on the bench next to Mom.
(After attempting to steal Auntie's seat when she stood up.)

Once Auntie and Uncle had gone and
Daddy had retired to bed, I got the bench
all to myself.

Down right BORING