Monday, December 29, 2014

Woeful Weekend

Saturday I wasn't feeling myself.

I moped around all day.
I even moped when I got to go out
on the patio for a bit.

All my humans came to visit.
Facetious Human, Other Aunt and Uncle,
even Auntie and Uncle,
but my mood went from mopey to grumpy.

Mom just couldn't understand what was bothering me.
I even gave her my whiney growl when she 
picked me up to try to comfort me.

Then she cleaned my litter box.
There was the aweful truth.
NO stinkies.
Not one!

Well, fortunately, just before noon on Sunday,
I made a stinky!
I felt so much better!
I ran all over the house.

The rest of Sunday, however, I felt lazy.
The weather was turning cold again.

Soon there would be no chance of time on the patio,
much less a nighttime walk.

So I settled onto Daddy's legs and took advantage
of the warm blanket he was using.

Besides, I felt a bit of a kindred spirit with Daddy
because he wasn't feeling well either.

Auntie and Uncle came to visit again.
While they were there Mom actually 
took me for a nighttime walk!

Sure, it was a few degrees below freezing,
but I didn't care!

I really enjoyed getting out of the house for a bit.

Eventually the cold began to get to me and I made
for the nearest warm place I knew...
the Nice Ladies' office!

Well, much to my disappointment, Mom explained
that there was no way they'd be in there at that hour.
So the door remained firmly shut.

Fortunately, home wasn't far at all, so I made my way back.

After quite a bit of down time, Mom
decided to play with me.

Well!  This was more like it!

Of course, I wasn't going to put too much
effort into it.  

I do still have a bit of the winter blahs.

So, after playtime, I returned to Daddy's lap.

Kindred spirits I tell you.
Kindred spirits.